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Stress management workshops and courses

Things feeling stressful?
Got a lot on?
Hard to relax or sleep?
Worried you might be heading for burnout?
We all have periods where things get on top of us...

I run workshops and courses in stress management for individuals and companies. This can be a very cost-effective way of tackling the issue of stress if you don't want longer term counselling.

I will teach you all the skills needed to take control of your life, combat stress and learn to feel calm and relaxed.

My knowledge and understanding of psychology, psychotherapy, life coaching, meditation and mindfulness practice, hypnotherapy, N.L.P., neuroscience and E.F.T. have all contributed to the content of my courses.

Stress management #02

I recommend 6 sessions for individuals.
Book 6 stress management sessions for the price of 5
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Workshops and courses cover:
- recognising symptoms of stress
- changing your 'mind' - a revolutionary habit-breaking technique
- catching early warning signs
- acute versus chronic stress
- 'mindful moments' - mindfulness techniques for busy lives
- understanding the stress cycle
- effective relaxation techniques
- looking at life-style, work-life balance and activities
- recognising and challenging thought patterns and beliefs that add to stress

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