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Client Feedback

Here are some examples of what my clients have said about their experience of having counselling with me:

Client feedback. jumpinggirl2

    "Thank you for helping me change my life Hannah!" L from Carlton

    "Thank you for being my Mr Miyagi! This has been truly life changing" P from Lowdham

    "My sessions with Hannah have helped me change my outlook on life and be the person I want to be! G from Cotgrave

    "I can't believe 10 sessions with someone who was a stranger to begin with can make so much difference to my mental health, but it has and I am really grateful" G from Bestwood

    "Speaking about my problems honestly and openly with Hannah has helped me deal with things that I was finding it hard to cope with. I didn't think I would ever feel good about certain areas of my life or think they would ever get easier to deal with, but they are and I feel better than I have in years." S from Nottm

    "Your help and support have given me a much better understanding of myself and my depression. I now have the confidence to take action and move my life in a more positive direction" B from Gedling

    "It feels like Hannah is 'on my side'. Having the sense that someone cares deeply for my well-being has been really healing. It has helped me take more care of myself." B from Sneinton

    "Hannah has helped me reflect on my concerns and challenges. her approach has been excellent and I feel more confident and relaxed in all areas of my life" A from West Bridgeford

Client feedback. greenseedling

    "It feels as though I have finally grown into the person I was meant to be! Through your nurturing and compassionate style I am now able to nurture myself and continue to grow... I can't thank you enough". H from Sherwood

    "I have learned so much about myself. Having your warm attention, help and encouragement has really helped me move on with my life. Thankyou Hannah!" F from Mapperley

    "I have always wanted to give myself time-out from a very busy life to look
    at myself, & to explore a few well-buried & unfinished past experiences.
    Hannah's patient & supportive approaches, & her knowledge of counselling &
    psychotherapy, helped me to re-evaluate my life in a warm & safe
    environment. Hannah has provided me with invaluable tools to deal with
    life's stresses & strains, tools which I am still using on a daily basis. A
    most rewarding experience".
    B from Sherwood

Client feedback. jump for joy

    Thank you for giving me back my happiness. I thought I was destined to always feel depressed and you helped it go away. You gave me the space to think and trust my own instincts. Things don't seem so cloudy anymore and I feel totally confident that I'll be OK. I from lenton

    Thank you so much Hannah for your patience, understanding, compassion and support plus some great techniques that will stay with me forever.Having lost direction you helped me understand myself and find a 'new' me - a positive, confident and happy person, fully equipped to embrace all that life has to offer, which is an amazing feeling. I can't thank you enough S from Radcliffe

If you wish to contact me for a no-obligation consultation, or you are a current or former client wishing to leave feedback, please CLICK HERE

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